They were so little!

I blinked

When your kids are babies, everyone tells you to cherish the time because they will grow up before you know it. Personally, I was so sleep deprived I wanted to cry every time someone  looked at me, let alone talked to me. I couldn’t imagine them growing up. I understood intellectually, but physically, it was years–eons even–away.

Imagine my surprise when I blinked and they grew up. As we purge the house of excess stuff, I’m finding toys from my childhood that I kept for the boys.  I never gave them those toys because the time went by so quickly that I never even unpacked them. Now, I’m looking at the bins of legos, marble runs, beloved stuffed animals, puzzles, and books, wondering if their children will want them. I find myself looking at old pictures and feeling like Rip Van Winkle.

Grandfather fun

Grandmother fun

What strikes me the most in the photos is how much fun the grandparents are having with the boys. While we were napping, they were sledding, swimming, skiing, playing, reading and generally having a good time. It has been amazing for the boys to grow up next door to their grandparents. They will be missed when we’re in Jordan.

xo from VT

One thought on “Blink

  1. Oh wow- It really hasn’t hit home for me. I’m not looking forward to the NYC departure.
    Wish we could say good bye in Vermont so I can let it all out in the privacy of my own home.
    We can never bring back the sledding days and the cabin play date days and the wonderful
    “being” days, but we have today and am so grateful for the continued joy we have with your boys.
    They are growing up but they will never be gone from our hearts. Just watch out — Jordan isn’t
    all that far away!!

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