All Roads Lead to Jordan

Recently, I’ve had several people ask why there haven’t been any new posts. My quick response is, “who wants to read about us packing?” The real response, however, is slightly more complicated. The short version of the real response is that we’re overwhelmed.

For a while, we were overwhelmed by the ridiculous number of ties to Jordan and King’s Academy that appeared when we went public with the move. Everything from a neighbor’s niece who taught at King’s, to a classmate from boarding school who is moving to Jordan the same week that we are moving, to countless small world stories and interconnectedness. Hence, the title of the post.

After the euphoria and excitement about the move died down, we got overwhelmed with the reality of the move. What to do with the chickens and sheep? How to get the dogs to Jordan? Sell or store the cars? How to keep the kids feeling grounded and safe when their entire world is about to be turned upside down? Many items on the list are checked off, but we’re still struggling with the last one. No matter how great of an experience this move has the potential to be, it will still be hard on everyone.

And, yes, packing is overwhelming too. Boring, but overwhelming.

We’re trying to enjoy our last three weeks at home, but it’s hard to do when you are so, ahem, overwhelmed.

We will miss our backyard.

4 thoughts on “All Roads Lead to Jordan

  1. I know how you feel (since we are in the same process minus the chickens!). We are more or less hunkering down, storing up energy, and soaking up trees and water before the move…Oh yes, and S is managing the movers, bless his soul…

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