Local exploring

As promised, I finally brought a camera with me on a jaunt to Madaba and Amman. Lyman and I try to get off campus at least once a week, and a quick drive into Madaba goes a long way to reminding us of why we’re here. There is more to do in Amman, but I love wandering through the streets of Madaba. We’ve never lived in a third world country before so the poverty and trash is shocking at first. But when you look closely, there is beauty and happiness all around us.


Yes, those are sheep in the back of the truck.


A typical barren expanse in Madaba.


A bedouin camp just off the main road in Madaba.


One of my favorite little streets in Madaba. It’s the touristy part of town, but I love wandering up and down and stopping for shawerama.


The Greek Orthodox church which houses the famous mosaics.


Part of the mosaic on the floor of the church.

mosaic2Yesterday (Friday), we went to Souk Jara, an open air market off of 1st circle in Amman. Of course, I was having so much fun looking at all of the vendor stalls (and buying art and earrings) that I forgot to take pictures of the market. I did remember to take pictures as we got lost and meandered through parts of Amman that we would never have seen otherwise. We’re fortunate that Lyman has an extraordinary sense of direction, so getting lost isn’t intimidating–it’s just an opportunity to explore. I know he’ll always get us home, so we can really enjoy the ride.


View over Amman. Not sure where we were, but the view was spectacular.


Another view over a part of Amman that I probably couldn’t find again.

amman street

What seemed, to me, to be a typical street in the part of Amman we wandered into.


One last view from the road in Amman.

We’ve bought several locally made rugs and some paintings. I’ve shared some pictures on Facebook, but I know that many of you aren’t on FB, so one of the next posts will be pictures of our found treasures.

xo from Jordan

13 thoughts on “Local exploring

  1. I’m really enjoying your pictures, too, Rachel. It’s very interesting to get these glimpses of what you’re seeing. And now I’m curious as to what “shawerama” is. All I can think of is a challenger to Bed Bath and Beyond….. ( the mention of which is likely so foreign and alien to all that you see there! ) My best to all of you!

    • It’s an amazing wrap-type sandwich. It’s a thin layer of dough (kind of like a chewy tortilla), filled with chicken or lamb, some veggies. Basically, a Jordanian wrap. It’s DELICIOUS!

      And, to state the obvious, no Bed Bath and Beyond here as far as I know. 😉 Love to all of you!

  2. These are great! I picked up a pamphlet for a self-guided walking tour on the old city at the Wild Jordan Center but have not tried it out yet, let me know if you are up for a walk some Saturday…

    • The boys are doing well. Andrew is in 9th grade at King’s (where we live and teach) and Charlie is in 6th at a school in Amman. It’s been quite an adjustment, but they are finding their way… 🙂 Love to you and all at OVWS.

  3. Rachel – The photos and text are so welcome. Thanks for taking the time to keep us updated on life in Jordan! Love to you and Lyman and Andrew and Charlie

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