Fabulous Finds

When we arrived, our apartment was pretty bleak. Perfectly comfortable, but no color or decorations. So, in the interest of making our home more personal and, from a more altruistic point of view, supporting the local economy, we’ve bought several handmade rugs and two paintings. We’re not close to done, but the apartment is starting to feel more like home.

Madaba Rug

This rug was hand woven in Madaba. I’m usually drawn to brighter colors, but I love how these tones are really indicative of the region. We’ve hung it on our dining room wall and can already envision where it will hang at home.

Iraq rug

Made in Iraq. I love the colors and the animals. What isn’t apparent in the picture is all of the hand stitching. The base of the rug is a burlap type material and the designs are embroidered with yarn. It’s much more stunning in real life. It also seems delicate, so we hung it on the dining room wall to protect it from the Crack Puppies.

Madaba Rug

Made in Madaba, the photo doesn’t do the colors justice. I think this is my favorite of the rugs.

Afghanistan Rug

Made in Afghanistan. When we bought it, the boys exclaimed “it looks just like home!” So, for those of you who have been to our house in Vermont, it will look familiar…

Bedouin Rug

This is actually two rugs sewn together to make a wider rug. Made by local Bedouins.


Made in Madaba. I’ve never seen a rug with such a vibrant green color. It smells like freshly shorn wool, so it makes me feel right at home!

Madaba 3

And, another Madaba rug.

Madaba 4

Don’t you just love the animals?? Made in Madaba.

Finally, we fell in love with two paintings at Souk Jara (the open air market). The pictures aren’t great, and they haven’t been framed yet, but I couldn’t resist including them. I love the colors, the movement, and especially the subject matter.


We fell in love with this painting. I’ll take another picture when it is properly framed and hung.


I wish we’d asked for the name of the artist. I hope we’ll find him in the Spring when the market opens again.

So, those are our fabulous local finds. Fortunately, we still have a lot of empty wall and floor space, so we can keep shopping. 🙂

xo from Jordan

10 thoughts on “Fabulous Finds

  1. Rachel, these are beautiful. You and Lyman have an “eye” for beautiful colors and designs. I too like the ones that show where you live and how the people the people are. Not at all like what we see on the news. But I know you are safe. In the last group of pictures you showed us a church with bells-are these the chimes you hear in your apartment? Have the boys and Lyman started school yet? Have you made lots of friends? We love you.

    Have just accepted an offer on the condo. Should be closing be the end of the month

    Love and kisses to all.

    Mamoo and Augusta

    Mother is doing pretty good. Up and down times.

    • The call to prayer that we hear is singing/chanting, not bells. It’s quite mystical and beautiful. I love hearing it.

      Yes, everyone started school over a month ago. Andrew is in 9th at King’s (where we live and work) and Charlie is in 6th at ACS (American Community School) in Amman. He has quite the commute every day, but gets to do it with all of his buddies from campus, so it’s fun.

      I’ll call again soon. Love to you and Mamoo!! xoxoxo

  2. Wow! The rugs are awesome – my favorite is the green one and I love the paintings! The colors are so vibrant.
    Did the apartment come furnished or did you have to ship all the basics? Are the students at the Academy all Jordanian
    or do they come from many areas? So glad the boys are adjusting, that you are enjoying the experience and above all that
    you are safe.

    Though I doubt Mamoo would remember me, please say hi to her for me. She is such a dear.


    • The apartment is furnished with the basic necessities (couches, beds, dining room table and chairs, etc), just very bland. We brought our own bedding from home.

      The students at King’s are about 60% Jordanian and the other 40% spans 25+ nationalities. It’s pretty amazing. Andrew’s two closest friends are Nigerian and my advisees are from Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and the US. It makes for some really interesting conversations.

  3. The top one is so familiar! The second one down…camels or dinosaurs, what do you think? They’re all lovely, and I love looking at them. Thanks for posting them, Rachel.


  4. What a range of color, energy, design, warmth, joy. These are terrific. I’d love an in-person tour next time I’m on campus. Meantime, thanks and enjoy! Burch

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