Moses’ Spring

Anyone who’s been watching the news knows that it’s been a rocky few weeks in the Middle East.  We’ve been laying low and enjoying life on campus. However, yesterday, the sun was shining, things seemed calm, and we felt like exploring. So, we jumped in the car and drove about 20 minutes to Moses’ Spring at Mount Nebo. In case that didn’t sink in, I’ll write it again. We drove 20 minutes to Moses’ Spring, where it is said that, “in need of water, Prophet Moses struck a rock with his staff and 12 springs emerged.” Did I mention that it was only a 20 minute drive??

Like the drive to the Dead Sea (actually, it was the same road), the scenery was amazing. The views are breathtaking.


Panorama view towards the Dead Sea.

View towards the Moses' Spring valley.

View towards the Moses’ Spring valley.

I didn’t get any pictures of the winding road to the spring because I was too busy telling Lyman to keep his eyes on the road. Hairpin turns and no guardrails are pretty much my idea of a nightmare, but it was SO worth the pounding heart for the scenic vistas. Of course, we had to pull over to take a picture of a camel. I am so entertained by the camels in Jordan, especially the black ones on the side of the road in Madaba, but I loved how this guy blends in with the scenery. Doesn’t he look so disgusted that we find him interesting?


Random camel on the way to Moses’ Spring


These goats can climb, like, well, goats. That is a pretty sheer drop-off behind them. After the goats had moved on, we walked over there and I couldn’t take a picture because I was clinging to a rock for dear life. Yes, I’m a wimp.


My very favorite picture so far. I’d like to get it framed.

Every time that we see sheep or goats grazing in this type of terrain, we ask ourselves what they eat. It looks so barren and desolate. This is the first time that we actually hiked the same areas (ok, “hike” is a bit of an overstatement–more like a leisurely stroll) and we found lots of small patches of greenery:



Shepard and goats


Caves. Many of them have fresh fire pits.


Another of my favorite pictures for framing. This is looking down the valley towards the Dead Sea.


Exploring the caves.


Looking down the valley.


Looking back at the Moses’ Spring waterfall. It was surreal to see a mini oasis in the middle of barren desert.

You can walk behind the waterfall and it feels like you’re in a completely different world–wet, cool, and muddy, the water (considered holy) drips on you while you duck under the low ceiling. It’s an incredible contrast to the dry heat just feet from the opening.


Looking towards the valley from behind the waterfall.


Charlie, behind the waterfall.


Mount Nebo, from the springs.

After a few hours of wandering around the springs, exploring caves, and looking for fossils (we didn’t find any… 😦 ), we drove back up the crazy curvy road and stopped for lunch.


Interior of restaurant.


View from restaurant window.


BEST restaurant decor EVER!

In other news, I’ve recommitted to learning Arabic. The school provides classes for us, and our teacher is amazing, but it’s so easy to put off practicing when things get busy. This week, though, I spoke my first full phrase at the local bakery and was rewarded with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen from the grumpiest cashier I’ve ever met. It totally motivated me to surprise him with a new sentence each week.

Love to all!

xo from Jordan

9 thoughts on “Moses’ Spring

  1. I want video of you speaking Arabic!

    These pic are incredible, and I am grateful you are sharing them with us. Did you go to the Red Sea and I missed it?

    Totally in love with the camels and goats. The spring is beautiful and surreal, as are the caves. Such an incredible experience.

    Stay safe!

  2. THese pictures are perfect for me to share with my third grade who are learning the hebrew stories. We are not quite to moses yet but will be soon! Glad to hear you are all safe and so nice to see you all in the photos (where is Andrew though?)
    Much love and good wishes!

  3. So glad that life has calmed down a little over there- at least momentarily! We love the photos – I think the waterfall is my fav – but all of them are amazing! Such fun to get a glimpse of life over there! Wow – speaking Arabic – that will be an accomplishment!
    Have a wonderful Christmas holiday – we’ll be thinking of you and remembering special Xmas Eves shared.
    Love from us all,

  4. It is good to catch up with you. I will enjoy seeing the middle east through your eyes. You’ll have to show a picture of the bakery sometime. Good luck on your Arabic. (I am Wentworth on Ravelry)

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