I was hoping that Andrew would make an appearance as a guest blogger for this post, but we’re in the last month of 9th grade with exams and too many commitments, so I’m on my own.

Basically, he had a great time. The group visited Agra, Delhi, and went trekking in the Himalayas. He came home with a new appreciation for Jordan and for King’s Academy that offers so many opportunities like this one. He was interviewed for a school article which you can read by clicking here.

His camera died after 4 pictures, so we’ve borrowed these from one of the chaperones. Enjoy!


 690 703 705 735 744 750 778 800 881 1008 1009 898 1019 1022 1026 1029 900 1043 1047 957 1119 1125 1129 1132 990 1155 998 1205 1212 1001 1006 1007 907 923

7 thoughts on “India

  1. OMG!!! Fabulous Pictures – Great Presentation.
    You have great talent putting these experiences of others together and making them feel like our own!!!

  2. How lucky you all are to be able to have these experiences! I’m living vacariously! (It’s a little boring, I have to admit)

  3. Oh the places you’ve been! Your experiences put you in a position to understand the world in ways so many of us will never know. Thank you for sharing what you’re learning about the world and its people! Cheers

  4. How nice that the chaperone turned out to be such an excellent photographer. I was hoping to “hear” from Andrew, but at least he went on the trip! Looks like it was a terrific opportunity. He’s really seeing such an utterly different swath of life than back in the States!!

  5. Rachel, What a treat it has been following all your adventures. It looks like everyone is stacking up a pile of wonderful memories and experiences. Thanks for sharing.

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