Vacation in Vermont

We’re back in the States which is amazing, overwhelming, exhausting and wonderful. We were incredibly lucky and had the most considerate of renters, so we came back to a beautifully maintained and cared for home. We are so sad that they’ve moved to Myanmar and hope we’ll find equally wonderful tenants for the fall. Which brings me to my first point: yes, we’re going back to Jordan for at least another year. We made the decision many months ago, but, apparently, I didn’t make an official announcement. (Why do I know this? Because everyone that we’ve run into in town–which is a lot of people–has asked). And, before you get all worked up about us staying in the Middle East, let me preempt your concerns by saying:¬† Yes, it is safe. Yes, we are careful. Yes, we love it.

Not much to catch you all up on. The spring was consumed with school and baseball. Oh, and surgery. Charlie had an emergency appendectomy and the medical care was amazing. I’ve been meaning to write about the experience, but, now it is such old news that I’ve lost my motivation. In short, it was unbelievable care. And, it was really inexpensive. Actually, we didn’t pay a penny out of pocket. The US should take some lessons from Jordan. [getting off soapbox–I know. It was so quick you may have missed seeing me jump up on it…]

I’m finding myself pretty overwhelmed by the greenery. And the rain. And the cold. And the humid heat (when it’s not cold). But, the rain has made everything lush and beautiful. This is what we see when we drive in our driveway:


IMG_8870Because I feel a bit like a tourist in my hometown, I’ve been taking pictures of the views around the house:

IMG_8874IMG_8873 IMG_8877 IMG_8880So far, the highlight of our time home has been the amazing welcome home party that Dad and Lissa hosted. My dear friend Patti Casey (shameless plug–check out her website: gathered some of her musician friends and played at the party. It was unbelievable. Here’s a really poor video clip, but it gives you a taste of the evening:

There were friends from so many different parts of our lives, and kids ranging from new high school graduates to toddlers. Also, SO MANY people that we DIDN’T invite because we’re crazy jet-lagged and disorganized. So, if you are reading this and weren’t at the party, please don’t take it personally–it’s a miracle that we had Dad and Lissa on the list and the party was at their house!

photo photo photo photo photo photo photo

IMG_1335 IMG_1350 IMG_1346 IMG_1345 IMG_1341 IMG_1340 IMG_1329It was a beautiful evening and the view of Camel’s Hump was breathtaking. But, I was so distracted hugging and chatting that I didn’t take any pictures. Fortunately, Dad and Lissa live next door, so there will be many more photo-ops.

xo from Vermont (haven’t been able to sign off that way in 10 months!!)

One thought on “Vacation in Vermont

  1. Hi Rachel and Lyman,
    So sorry to have missed your welcome home party. We were engaged as “Nana and Papa” and so were not able to attend. I have enjoyed Lyman’s posts on FB and really enjoyed Rachel’s blog. I’ve been wondering what the plan is for next year and now know you’ll be returning to Jordan for another year. It sounds like you’re settling in nicely and making it work for your family. I hope to see you sometime this summer.
    All the best,

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